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  • Ağ Güvenliği (Network Security)
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Ceng 1002 - Research Project -2014

Research Projects will be the 30% of the final grade. 16 teams have been formed with interesting topics of our field.

The topics are:

Please do not request furher information about the topics listed.

However you can choose to find your own topic! SURPRISE ME!

The teams are formed randomly and the list can be reached from the following address:
Select ceng1002
Ceng 1002 - 2014 - Teams

Please do not request to change your team members.
(If you couldn't work with your team members, state it in your evaluation form. You will be graded according to this situation.)

Your work must include:

- A detailed research on your specified topic - Describe the fundamentals, do not get into too much details. Write in such a way that everybody can understand when he/she reads it. Describe the usage, benefits and possible future implementations of the topic. References should be given in a formal way.

- A formal report (an example will be given) - the details had been discussed in the lesson.


Writing Skills:

- Project Gantt chart which shows your project work (will be discussed in the lesson)

- Avoid plagiarism - use your own sentences, give references where appropriate

- An evaluation of your team members (Template is given below): Send this form in PDF format, with the file name as YourSurname_Name_TeamNumber_EvalForm.pdf)

- Poster: The research should be summarized in a poster form. Selected posters are planned to be hang on the walls of the department.

For prepearing posters, have a look at the following links:

Reports will be put online with your credentials.  

Detailed information will be given here.

REPORTS+POSTERS (%30 of the Final Grade):

Deadline of the reports (Report+Gantt Chart+ Team Member Evaluation form) is 16th of May 23:59 sharp.

(these documents will be emailed to )

Late delivery is possible, with 25 points off (for each late day)


Deadline of the posters is 19nd of May 23:59 sharp.

Late delivery is possible, with 25 points off (for each late day)

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